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10 Tips of Safe and Secure Vacation with the Baby
10 Tips of Safe and Secure Vacation with the Baby

Prior to take the baby for holiday, there are several things that mothers must prepare so the holiday with the baby become a pleasant experience!

  • When mothers will ask the baby on vacation, it is suggested that the baby’s over 4 months and should begin with a short and short-distanced vacation
  • Adjust visit plan to the baby’s ability. For example, not going on a full day traveling and visiting many places that make the baby tired
  • When the baby started to fuss, cry or raise his body temperature, immediately cancel the traveling plan
  • When going on vacation by car, play soft and soothing music. When the baby already has a favorite program, mothers can prepare their babies’ favorite DVD movies.
  • Prepare baby’s clothes that suit the weather. Do not forget to bring a jacket, a hat and a blanket when it comes to traveling with a baby.
  • Always provide baby biscuits or healthy and practical foods in the bag for being ready at any time if the baby is hungry. Always place baby’s feeding equipment, such as bowls, spoons and others.
  • If mothers still breastfeed, wear clothes that make it easier to breastfeed, such as a shirt with buttons down the front.
  • While on vacation, mothers will visit several places, so wear comfortable shoes that do not easily make the foot get tired.
  • When traveling by plane, choose an aisle seat. This is to enable mothers to go to the toilet if they have to change baby’s diapers.
  • While on vacation with the baby, take a spouse, family member or friend to accompany so that there is someone who can help the mother take care of the baby.

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