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Identify The Child's Bone Disorder
Identify The Child's Bone Disorder

If Mothers often see the Child fall while actively learning to walk, they have to be careful, because there could possibly be a disorder on the Child’s leg bones. There are some other disorders on the Child’s leg bones that Mothers should know, such as:

  • Flat foot
  • High arch
  • Fingers inwards (metatarsus aductus),
  • Walking style with legs inward (toe in)
  • Walking style with legs outward (toe out).

Bone Growth Disorders
Generally, type of disorders frequently occuring on the Child’s leg is the X-formed and O-formed leg. This is due to diorders in the leg bones growth causing a shift rotation between the thigh bone and the knee bone. Thus, the angle formed between the bones becomes abnormal. This is what makes the Child easily get tired and easily fall while learning to walk.

Other causes also occur because Mothers use baby walker which is not suitable with the age and incorrect height of the seat. The Baby is not strong enough to support his body, so it will force one of the feet to support all his weight. That way, only the lower leg and ankle are trained, so imbalance of muscle strength happens. Mothers should notice the bone disorder on the Baby’s feet before he is 2 years old.


  • Exclusive breast milk
    Ensure that Mothers always breastfeed the Baby optimally from 0 to 6 months old. The content in the breast milk is very complete and needed for the Baby’s bone growth.
  • Nutritions
    If the baby has been over 6 months old, Mothers can give nutritious food and breastmilk supplementary food. For example, foods containing vitamin D, such as yogurt and foods made from milk, like cheese. Calcium in cheese is very good for the bone growth. Mothers also need to give the intake from plant sources, such as spinach and green mustard. However, they should make sure that the Baby is old enough to receive the food intake.
  • Physical Activities
    Let the Baby actively move. If the Baby can walk already, Mothers can take him for a walk in the park in the morning or afternoon. They can also accompany the Baby play with water, such as swimming on the weekend. By doing many activities, the Baby’s bone condition will become stronger.
  • Sunbathing
    Mothers can take the Baby to sunbath in front of the house for 15 minutes before 9 in the morning. By sunbathing, the Baby will get exposure of the sunlight which is very good for his bone condition. Make sure that the body is exposed to the sunligt with the supine or prone position and protect the Baby from seeing the sun directly.

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