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Identifying Babys Sensitive Skin
Identifying Babys Sensitive Skin

When playing together with the baby, suddenly the mother realizes that reddish rash appears on the baby’s skin along with itching which makes the baby so fussy. Do not rush to panic. There is a possibility that the baby’s skin is sensitive.

Causes of Sensitive Skin
Generally, the baby's skin is indeed more sensitive than adults’. This is because of relatively little production of melanin (a protein substance that gives color to the skin as well as serves to protect the skin from the sun) and a thinner layer of the baby's skin. This causes the baby's skin more sensitive to baby care products and prone to allergies.

The baby’s skin is sensitive if some skin problems appear when using baby care products that are not suitable, inappropriate water temperature when bathing or in contact with insect bites. These skin problems can include dry skin, allergies, rashes, peeling and even to infections. Sensitive skin in babies can be caused by genetic or hereditary factors.

Maintaining Sensitive Skin
To keep healthy baby’s skin, here are some things mothers can do:

  1. Make sure the water temperature for the baby’s bath is not too cold or too hot.
  2. Bath the baby 2-3 times a day depending on the activity. Use a special soap for babies and do not use antiseptic soap.
  3. Immediately dry the baby's skin after bathing with a soft towel. Make sure that mothers drain any creases in the baby's body.
  4. Once the baby's skin is dry, it is advisable to apply telon oil to make babies warm and the skin remains moist. Mothers can use My Baby Minyak Telon Plus with double benefits; warms the baby's body and protect it from insect bites and dengue fever mosquitos. My Baby Minyak Telon Plus contains citronella oil and chamomile oil which can also be used as massage oil, relieve flatulence and colds.
  5. Choose baby clothes that are lightweight, soft and sweat-absorbant. Do not let them wear clothes or diapers which are too thick or too tight.
  6. Immediately change baby’s diaper it’s in contact with dirts or when the baby or when the baby defecates.

Wash the baby’s clothes with detergent and baby-special fabric softener so as not to trigger a baby's sensitive skin.

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