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Teach Toilet Training to the Child
Teach Toilet Training to the Child

Every child has a different stage of development, including their ability to be able to practice the potty in the toilet or toilet training. In general, the Child is ready to have this toilet training at the age of 1 year 6 months, but many others are ready to start at the age of 1 year 10 months to 2 years 6 months. The most important is to teach your children toilet training when they are completely ready. 

What are the Signs that the Child is Ready for Toilet Training? 
Mothers can check the signs if the Child is ready for the toilet training with the physical and emotional readiness, such as: 

  • They are able to walk 
  • They are able to control the willing to urinate and defecate 
  • Diapers look dry when they wake up 
  • They are able to communicate with Mothers and show interest when Mothers use the toilet 
  • They prefer to use underwears instead of diapers 
  • They will tell their Mother when the diaper is dirty and ask for a new one. 

When the Child is ready for toilet training, the roles of Mother and other family members are needed. Mothers should always be patient in guiding them intensively. 

Smooth Running of Toilet Training Process 
There are several things Mother should pay attention in supporting the toilet training process: 

  • Describe activities in the bathroom
    Mother could start by explaining activities done in the bathroom. Direct the Child to get used to pee in the potty or potty chair. Teach them the process of urinating, surely there are different ways of urinating between girls and boys. Don't forget to help the Child use the potty. Sometimes, the Child learns faster by direct examples rather than explanations in words. 
  • Set up a schedule 
    Mothers can predict the cycle of urinating and defecating. For example, the Child usually defecates in the morning and urinates in every an hour, it can help Mothers take them to the toilet at the right time. 
  • Use a fun way 
    Mothers can avoid the Child's boredom during the toilet training process in a fun way, such as using dolls or their favorite toys as props or by pasting their favorite stickers on the potty. 

When the Child manages to do toilet training, don't forget to praise them by saying that Mother is so proud of them. If the Child makes mistakes, avoid punishing them and don't show anger, because it will make them scared and traumatized.

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