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The Baby May Also Be Stressful
The Baby May Also Be Stressful

Babies, like adults, can also experience stress. Although it looks easy, stress on the baby could have an effect on their growth. When mothers discover these symptoms on the baby, it is obvious that the baby is under stress :

  • Crying and Fussing
    It’s natural that babies often cry because that’s the way to show they need something. But if the frequency of crying is more often and longer, this indicates that they are stressed.
  • Anxious while sleeping 
    Babies need to sleep long hours for their growth. When they often sleep anxiously or intermittently wake up, this is also an indication that they are under stress. Especially when they sleep anxiously not because of the wet diaper, hunger and thirst or noise from the surroundings.
  • Not Being Cheerful
    Most babies will look cheerful and laughing when people talk and joke with them. If they are lazy to play with and look somber, it could be that they are distressed.
  • Physical Condition Changing
    As with adults, stressed babies will also lose their appetite. So they may lose weight. Other symptoms are also visible on their more sensitive skin and show symptoms such as allergies.

When babies show symptoms of stress, there are several techniques that can be done to make them cheerful.

Meet their basic needs
Babies can be stressful because their needs are not quickly met when they are hungry or thirsty. Give them necessary food or drink as soon as possible, do not let them cry too long. Also meet their needs for affection by carrying or touching them. Also do not leave them alone and mothers should immediately calm and comfort them as they cry.

Give them safe and sound environment
Environment here includes home environment and parents. Provide them a quiet neighborhood, away from the noise, clean and sedentary. Parents also do not often quarrel because babies can detect emotions and facial expressions of their parents. Parents who often quarrel will make babies stressed.

When mothers hire a caregiver, do not try to change them too often. Because changing the caregiver means changing parenting styles. When changing the caregiver, watch over the babysitter to see if she has been taking care of the baby with the means and methods that you approve. Babies will feel comfortable and safe with loving caregivers.

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