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Tips for Choosing Babys Cosmetics
Tips for Choosing Babys Cosmetics

Baby’s Cosmetics have more functions to treat and maintain baby’s healthy skin, body and hair. Therefore, mothers must be careful in choosing suitable products for the baby, both in terms of quality, aroma, and price.

There are two types of baby soap available in the market, bar soap and liquid soap. Generally, liquid soap contains more fragrance and dyes than bar soap. When the baby easily gets allergies, liquid soap may make their skin sensitive to react.

Baby hair does not actually need to be washed every day, just twice a week. Because babies do not sweat as much as adults do, and the amount of hair is not much, so the baby's scalp is not too dirty. Sufficiently wet the baby's head while bathing him.

Sprinkling powder on the baby’s body is given after a bath to will make the baby fragrant and fresh. In addition, the powder is also important to absorb moisture. Especially in the folds of skin to avoid skin abrasions or prickly heat. Avoid giving the powder on the area of the mucous membranes, such as the eyes and the vital area because those parts are sensitive.

Baby Oil
Baby oil is used to clean the dirt/grime that are sticky and difficult to clean with water on the baby’s body skin and head as well as to moisturize and soften the baby's skin. Baby oil is usually made of mineral oils such as coconut oil, Canola flower or jojoba oil.

Minyak Telon Oil
Apply telon oil to the baby after every bath to make them feel warm and prevent them from flatulence. Choose the oil which is not too hot because it can cause irritation. Good telon oil can also protect the baby from insect bites such as mosquitoes. My Baby Minyak Telon Plus is specially formulated to provide warmth and comfort for the baby. As the body warmer, preventing colds, protect the baby from insect bites as well as for massage oil. Use as needed, especially after a bath and in cold air.

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