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When the Child is Often Sick
When the Child is Often Sick

Recovering from a cough two weeks ago, suddenly the Child has a fever. Oh My God, it seems that he's gonna get sick again. This is not the first time the Child is often sick. Which parents are not worried if their child is often sick? This condition will also influence the Child's activities. 

Fever, cough and cold are some common diseases attaching children. If these happen continuously, it will interfere with the body's immune system causing the spirit down, the child becomes weak, tired and lethargic. 

There are several reasons the Child is often sick, including the following: 

  • When it's the first time the Child enters a new environmet, such as child's daycare or schoos. If the Child's condition is not really fit, he is susceptible to new germs. 
  • Virus infection entering the child's body because his immune system hasn't been formed properly. 
  • Infected by objects inside the house which are rarely cleaned, or from the Child's toys which are not well maintained. 
  • Infected by people at home or his sick friends. 


  • Let the Child get used to wash hands after coming back home and before eating. Wash the hands cleanly with soap and running water. 
  • Give the kids good and complete nutritious food, starting from protein like fish, nuts, to fat, vegetables and fruits. 
  • Do the compulsory immunization so the Child is prevented from virus and bacteria infection. 
  • Regularly clean the house, bedrooms, sleeping equipment, children's clothes and utensils frequently used by the Child. 
  • If a family member gets sick, it's better to use a mask near the Child to prevent the Child from getting infected. 

By doing those preventions, the possibility of the Child getting germs infection will be little. But if these have been done and the Child still gets sick frequently, Mothers should consult a doctor to find out the real causes.

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