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Why does the Baby Rarely Cry?
Why does the Baby Rarely Cry?

Crying is one way for babies to communicate in order to convey what they feel. For example, when they are feeling thirsty, hungry, scared, sleepy, confused or pain in their body. It’s better for Moms to understand a baby’s cry, because not all babies have the same cries. For example, the baby crying due to hunger usually has a patterned cry. The baby can cry, then stop to breathe, then cry again. If this cry is because of pain, it is characterized with a shrill voice to the top, interspersed with moans and whimpers. In another case, there are babies who just whine or moan when they are thirsty. 

What if the Baby rarely cries? If Mothers have already understood the signs why the Baby cries, of course the Baby will rarely cry for a long time because their needs are quickly met. However, if Mothers find the Baby rarely cry, and the Baby shows the following signs, Mothers should be alert:

  • The Baby looks weak and passive
  • The Baby always sleeps despite the stimulus given
  • The Baby doesn’t want to be breastfed
  • The Baby doesn’t gain weight
  • The Baby cries in a weak voice

The Baby who rarely cries can also have the symptomp of:

  • Vocal cord disorder, characterized by the baby seems to cry but there is no sound of crying.
  • Congenital hypothyroidism which is also a condition causing the baby rarely cry, usually accompanied by abnormalities, for example the Baby seems inactive and has a lot of sleep, large and protruding tongue, navel prominent and dry skin.
  • Behavioral disorders.

Mothers can immediately consult a doctor if the Baby shows the signs above.

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