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Carefully Select Day Care for the Baby
Carefully Select Day Care for the Baby

For certain conditions, Mothers would probably choose child care or day care to take care of the Baby. Instead, consider these factors before selecting the best daycare for the Baby.

To facilitate the monitoring and pick up the Baby, choose the daycare location which is near the mother’s or father’s house or office. Also pay attention to whether it is located far from the crowd/road to make the condition free of noise and pollution. If it is located in an office building or apartment, daycare should be on the ground floor for easy evacuation in case of fire/earthquake. Note also the physical condition of the building, air circulation, and environmental hygiene.

Caregivers are a very important factor to be considered when choosing a daycare for the Baby. A good caregiver has experiences of taking care of babies and is sensitive to the baby’s needs. Ideally, 4 babies aged 1-2 years old are raised by 1 caregiver. While for infants aged 3-5 years old, a caregiver can supervise up to 7 children.

Pay attention to the available facilities in the daycare. A daycare should have a play room, a bed, a bathroom, study supporting facilities, eating utensils and kitchen appliances. Also ask educational programs provided for the Baby. Check the available playroom; is it large enough to accommodate child’s activities, is it safe and free of dangerous objects for the baby and children.

Food Menu
When the Mother does not have time to provide semi-solid or solid foods for the Baby, whether she wants it or not, she will rely on the daycare to provide them. So make sure the daycare provides healthy and nutritious children’s food menu.

Doctor or Specialist
Ideally, a daycare should have a pediatrician on standby during opening hours. If not, Mother should choose a daycare which is near the hospital or clinic. Or at least a daycare who has and understands first aid procedures in dealing with children who are ill.

The cost factor is as important as to decide the appropriate daycare for the Baby. Every parent would want to give the best for their children. But if that means it has to drain the household budget every month, certainly they should re-consider it. Select a daycare which gives the best service and care for the Baby at an affordable price. 

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