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Keeping the Cleanliness of the Babys Clothes Storage
Keeping the Cleanliness of the Babys Clothes Storage

Baby’s clothing storage has many different shapes. Some are in forms of cabinets, some are drawers, and some are box-shaped. Whatever the storage is, mothers preferably always keep it clean. Here are some things mothers can do:

Separate with Brother’s/Sister’s Clothes
When the baby has older sister/brother, you should separate the baby’s clothes with his brother/sister, so mothers can easily arrange them. However, if the storage is used for all, mothers should pay a different space for the baby’ clothes and brother’s/sister’s clothes.

Place in the appropriate category
This is to facilitate mothers when taking them in need. For example socks, in-shirts, diapers, clothes, pants, hats and towels. If mothers keep the baby’s cloths in boxes or drawers, label types of clothes stored inside as to ease the mother or other family members when taking them.

Arrange the place
Put a group of clothes that will frequently be used (e.g. diapers or in-shirts) in a directly visible place, so it doesn’t take time to look for them when mothers want to change clothes for the baby.

Clean regularly
Regularly, once in a week, mothes take out the baby’s clothes to clean the closet and rearranging clothes. As well as to check whether the baby’s clothes size can still be used or they are getting smaller. In case of too small, separate them with clothes that are still in use.

Fold the clothes when dry
Always fold neatly and make sure it's dry when the clothes or pants are put into the wardrobe. Non-dry clothes can cause an unpleasant smell and uncomfortable to wear.

Campohor and perfume
Place some camphor and clothes perfume in some corner of the storage area. So the baby’s clothes smell good and safe from insects.

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