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Healthy Foods After Giving Birth
Healthy Foods After Giving Birth

After the birth process that requires a lot of energy, the mother requires food intake not only to restore the energy, but also to optimize breastmilk production, a food source for the baby. Mother should be careful in choosing types of food that will be consumed because it will affect the health of the baby.

Important intakes that should be consumed by mothers every day are pure water and fruits. When they are still hungry but did not want to eat something heavy, pure water, fruits or fruit juice can be their consumption. Other foods that are recommended for mothers after childbirth are:

like spinach and broccoli especially contain high vitamins and minerals to help restore the body condition and produce breastmilk well.

The nutrient contents in nuts, namely protein and iron, are beneficial to maintain the quality of breast milk and also mothers’ ideal weight after giving birth.

Combination of Animals and Vegetables
Such as tofu, tempe, tauco, chicken and beef. Non-fat beef contains iron for recovering the energy as well as preventing the body from anemia and increase the blood intake.

Carbohydrate Sources
Carbohydrates are needed to energize the body and form the body strength. The content of carbohydrates can be found in rice, flour, noodles and grains.

Milk and Eggs
Egg yolks are one source of vitamin D, beneficial to keep the bones strong and help grow the baby's bones. While milk or dairy products like cheese and yogurt are good sources of calcium, protein and vitamins that optimize the development of the baby.

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