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Let's Tell Stories to the Baby, Mom!
Let's Tell Stories to the Baby, Mom!

How often do Mothers tell stories to the Child? 
Telling stories for the Child now tends to be left behind. Besides due to digital technology as entertainment media, Mother's hectic business and tiredness after working may also become the reason this storytelling starts to disappear. Instead, storytelling directly from the Mothers is a fun activity before the Child goes to bed, because that is the time when the Child feels that this Mother's time is full for his. 

The Importance of Storytelling
The positive benefits from this storytelling are: 

  • Enriching the Child's Vocabulary 
    Fairy tales that contain positive stories would make the Child easier to absorb polite speech. Mothers could use fairy tales as a medium to introduce vocabulary to the Child, which certainly will come in handy when he later studies at school.
  • Developing imagination
    The Child's world is a world full of imagination. Not infrequently the Child always talks to his imaginary friends. With tales, Mothers can direct the Child's imagination to keep under control in a positive direction.  
  • Strengthening the relationship with the Child 
    Relationship between the Mother and the Child must stay good because it will give a big influence in his psychological development. When storytelling, Mother could read stories while embracing the Child, stroking his head and laughing together. With any physical contacts like those, the Child will feel familiar, close and comfortable with the Mother.
  • Embedding values and ethics 
    Values that Mothers can implant from storytelling are the values of honesty, modesty, solidarity, hard work, and help each other. By doing so, the Child can follow the positive steps from the characters in the stories.

To get positive benefits from this storytelling activity, Mothers can spare 10 to 15 minutes a day to tell a story to the Child. Mothers can do it before the Child goes to bed at night or when the Mother and the Child have some free time together. Most importantly, do it with happiness so the Child will also feel happy with this storytelling, so the benefits will also be up.

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