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Soothing Touch for the Baby
Soothing Touch for the Baby

A lot of research results show that parents’ touch, especially mother, plays an important role in baby’s physical and psychological development. Soft touch to the baby since the birth will help the baby feel comfortable and closer to the parents.

So important the touch for the baby, it’s better if Mother does this as often as possible. Besides giving comfort, other benefits of giving touch to the baby are:

  • Reduce fever
    When the Baby is having a fever, Mothers can give a little touch in form of gentle massage that will make him comfortable and safe so that the recovery process will be faster.
  • Relieve cough and cold
    Cough and cold attack the nose, neck, and head, so Mothers can give gentle massage to these body parts. Warm strokes from Mother’s hand will trigger child’s endorphins that will recover the body.
  • Stop the cry
    The Little’s cry can be caused by many factors, such as hunger, thirst, boredom, anger, insect’s bites and others. Due to insect’s bites, Mothers can touch the bitten part while calming the Baby. While for hunger and thirst, Mothers can calm the Baby to patiently wait until what they need is ready.
  • Overcome fear
    Most children are easy to be afraid, for example afraid of strangers, new places, animals and others. If the Baby starts crying and screaming when they are afraid, immediately hug them and caress their back, head and face. This touch will make them calm, Mother can also reassure them by saying positive sentences.
  • Gain weight
    Touch in form of gentle massage is proven to play a major part to the preterm baby’s weight gain. Massage is usually given to the area of baby’s fingers, chest, back, and neck. The duration of the massage is around 10 minutes, repeated up to 5-6 times a day.

Besides massage, touch can also be done by putting the baby on the Mother’s chest. It’s better to do it in a room with dim light and use a blanket if the Mother also wants to rest a little longer. This habit should be done until the baby is 6 months old.

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