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Identify the Symptoms of Obesity
Identify the Symptoms of Obesity

Every parent will surely be happy seeing the Child eat heartily. Especially if the Child also grows at a rapid pace, his body is adorably fat, because there is an assumption that a fat child is a healthy and cute child. However, Mother should be alert, because if the Child is fat it’s possible that he is experiencing the symptops of obesity due to excessive nutrients.

Symptoms of Obesity
Overweight or obesity of the Child can reduce his development system and activities. For example, when the Baby is less than 7 months, in general, the Baby may have been able to sit, but if the Baby is obese, eventhough he is over 7 months, he can’t sit.

To prevent the Baby from obesity, Mothers should identify the symptoms:

  • Round face with cubby cheeks and double chin
  • A relatively short neck
  • Excessive sweating
  • Difficult breathing
  • Swollen belly, chest out with enlarged breasts (usually occurs in boys)

What Causes Obesity?

  • Genetic
    If there are family members with the history of obesity, the Child can also be obese, although he is still a baby.
  • Diabetes
    If the Father or Mother has the history of diabetes, the Child is also potential to be a diabetes baby, because he has excessive sugar level in his blood.
  • Daily Lifestyle
    The main factor causing obesity is daily habits including excessive eating, less physical activities that burn calories, and lack of sleep for the Child.

Avoid Obesity
Generally, children are obese at the age of 5 or 6 years old, possibly starting from a less good routines from an earlier age. To prevent obesity, Mothers should:

  • Pay attention to healthy factors in choosing types of food. Don’t give the Child too much food containing carbohydrates and fats, such as sweets, chocolates, junk food and cheese.
  • Provide a balance diet with vegetables and fruits
  • Set the time so the Child may have enough resting time
  • Teach and encourage the Baby to do physical activities which make the Child move a lot.
  • Limit the Child of being in front of TV or playing games in gadgets, so the Child is not lazy to move around.

In addition, with the fulfillment of complete and sufficient nutrition, the Child will have an ideal body that support his growth and development.

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